Tony Esteves, Inspirational Speaker and Performer


The focus expert, Tony Esteves believes that people who want to live more fulfilling lives are capable of doing so once they have the tools. He delivers those tools. Tony has spoken to or performed for thousands of people around the world, and can create a program suitable for your unique audience or event. He performs, entertains and teaches people to reach their full potential.


Bring Tony Esteves to literally light up your next event. He speaks about focus and unexpected connections. Inquire about the below keynotes or contact us to request a customized presentation.

Amplify Your Focus Keynote

This interactive keynote address on focus dazzles, entertains and informs audiences.

Focus is essential to reach maximum productivity on any team. Without it, you risk wasting time and the valuable resources that you have. Once you learn how to Amplify Your Focus, you and your team start to produce at the high level that you already know you are capable of.

The art of juggling is used to illustrate that where we focus our attention can be our biggest challenge, or our strongest virtue.

In this presentation audiences:

  • Learn how to embrace mistakes not only as acceptable, but as essential in business, life and innovation.
  • Experience and use techniques to analyze where their time and resources are going.
  • Implement a practical process to accommodate changes as a result of this analysis.


The Power of Unexpected Connections Keynote

Unexpected connections happen all the time and most often go unnoticed. But once you learn how to notice them, they can dramatically benefit you, both personally and professionally.

Do you ever feel like you are missing out on great opportunities? Would you like instant access to the abundance of opportunities that currently surround you?

The Power of Unexpected Connections is an entertaining, interactive keynote presentation. 

In this presentation audiences:

  • Experience an extraordinary journey based on the power of unexpected connections.
  • Learn techniques to become aware of unexpected connections.
  • Discover how to make use of these connections and to become noticeably more intuitive.


Tony has delivered the following workshops to various organizations in Canada, the United States and South Africa. The main thing that they have in common is that they involve different types of play to teach leadership. Tony believes that we learn and retain new information most effectively when we are physically doing a playful activity.


Each of the below workshops are ideal for 15-50 participants and larger groups can be accommodated. All equipment is provided.


Come play with us.


Improv Workshop

Improvise Your Unexpected Connections Workshop

90 minute Improvisational Workshop

Unexpected connections happen all the time and most often they go unnoticed. But once you learn how to notice them, they can dramatically benefit you, both personally and professionally.

Would you like to stop missing out on the abundance of opportunities that surround you daily? Improvisational theatre is a fun, and easy way to achieve this.

Improvise Your Unexpected Connections is an entertaining, interactive improv workshop.  Attendees are taught the very basics of improv theatre, and how using it can directly allow you to access the unexpected connections that surround you.

This is not only for extroverts. Anyone can participate and benefit.

Three things that you will get from this session:

A collaborative and entertaining introduction to improv activities. (no experience necessary)
Discussion about the power of unexpected connections, leading to implementation.
Group performances and laughter while learning.

Learn a fun way to improve your life and to allow more wonderful things into it.

Juggle Your Focus Workshop

Here, participants learn to embrace mistakes, identify where their focus is in their lives, and are given tools to change that if necessary.

While this dialog occurs, they are taken through the steps to learn how to actually juggle. All equipment is provided.

This 90 minute workshop is interactive, physically active, and mentally stimulating.


Tony is studying to become a certified coach through an organization called CoachVille. Based on CoachVille's, "Play Two Win" method,  thousands of coaches around the world have helped people bring the spirit of play into their lives.


So what type of coaching does that mean? This method has been created profound results in terms of:


• Career Transition Coaching

• Executive Coaching

• Live Coaching


Please contact Tony directly if you would like to learn more about this exciting life-changing opportunity.


Tony coaches his clients to play with strategic risk taking. These coaching courses are recognized by the International Coaching Federation and he is currently accepting new players.


Are you ready to take off?